Realtime Rapid API for Interoperability in IoT


Whether you're trying to prototype a new IoT device, app or website, you're going to connect to an API at some point. Readiness.IO is the fastest way to get a JSON data store running with full support for REST, MQTT and WebSockets with advanced filtering.

It doesn't end there, Readiness.IO is allows you to be agnostic to what web technology and data formats are required.


Use the right transport technology for the task (REST, WebSockets, MQTT)
POST with REST, get a WebSocket notification. Pubish with MQTT, download with GET. Use all three simultaneously.
Only get notified if data matches your criteria with powerful filtering
Listen to events using a full suite of filters so you only respond to relevant events as all the filtering is done for you online.
No setup, just start sending data
No complex definitions, just start sending data and it will be stored. But you need versioning? then pass a version number and filter for only that version.
Feature rich, high speed server side filtering
Query your data like a pro without writing your own filters, it's all done in the URL!
Blazing fast, completely stateless and without a heavy database engine, Readiness.IO is a realtime API for the next generation of demanding applications.
Full data transformation features- submit data in one schema and download it in another. Got an IoT device that doesn't play nice with other vendors? use transforms so it's none the wiser.

Try it now

Change the name in the JSON payload and send it through your terminal

curl -d '{"name":"Sally"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST

Now confirm the data has changed by requesting the latest response.

curl -X GET

Now let's look at all the name changes within the last 30 days

curl -X GET days ago

Need to connect via WebSockets or MQTT? need to filter with lots of options, or sort, count, pivot your data? need to transform it into another known format? check the docs.

Looking for example code?

Step by step project using VueJS, components and Readiness.IO in both a RESTful and WebSocket connection.

Extending on the VueJS project, this WebSocket connected example uses Arduino and the ESP8266 chipset to control LEDs.

Looking for a library?

Looking for your own private channel?

Readiness.IO is currently in beta. It has a tonne of features and has exceptional test coverage as well as a few great beta testing clients. If you're interested in joining the beta program, please contact Mic from Mic's Lab