• Rapid protyping, integration and learning solution
    Empowering regional areas to build their own
    Internet of Things

Student & Adult Workshops

Hands on student and adult workshops with custom kits to quickly get to building your first IoT sensor.

Facilitated Hackathons

Facilitated hackathons to bring technologists and makers from industry to regional areas to promote innovation.

Rapid IoT API & Toolkit

Complete IoT API service and code libraries for integration with multiple vendors across multiple formats and methods.

Our purpose and mission

To de-mystifying IoT and make it accessible

Empowering individuals to design their own sensors, collect data and build automations.

Readiness.IO workshops are designed to introduce IoT concepts to a range of skills and backgrounds.

The workshops offer quick results and encouragement for newcomers whilst working with tangible technologies used in the real world.

Covering everything from soldering, to circuit design, to creative re-purposing of existing technology, to dashboards, to integrating with other industry platforms, there is a workshop available to suit your experience.

To improve digital literacy in regional areas

Creating new jobs in regional areas by reducing barriers to entry whilst following industry trends

Readiness.IO includes a suite of electronic sensor kits, code libraries and API services to allow for rapid exploration and prototyping.

Using these tools, individuals can be introduced to a working IoT ecosystem that can introduce them to new skills in designing and delivering IoT solutions with tools used in the real world.

From build to deploy, the Readiness.IO platform can power a DIY project through an entire automated farm.

To identify new social & economic opportunities

Tackling challenges facing rural Australia through new technologies and possibilities.

Regional and rural areas have some of the most confronting challenges of our time. Building on many years of perserverance and creativity, we have seen great innovation come from backyards, cattle stations and tourism outposts.

By equipping those same people with the ability to create their own bespoke IoT solutions we can empower a generation, inspire the next generation, and provide social and economic opportunities to deal with the big issues of today and tomorrow.

Built on a solid service to experiment, integrate and deploy live, connected IoT project

Purpose-built Rapid prototyping API and translation platform for your IoT project

No Config.
No Vendor Lock-in.
Just Works.

Experiment and learn quicker without set up.

Readiness.IO embodies the sharing attitudes of the Maker movement to encourage farmers, kids, musicians, artists and others to be part of building Internet connected automations.

Perfect for hackathons, workshops and education.

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Simultaneous messaging

Send a REST command, listen on Sockets and publish your MQTT message simultaneously (in any combination).

No Schema

Just start sending JSON data, pivot as you need to then secure a custom private channel and go live!

Play nice with others

With built in data translations, you can integrate with hundreds of established industry partner platforms

Circuits and Libraries

Build with low cost IoT kits specially designed for Readiness.IO

Interested in how to get your region involved?

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